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WHS students spread happiness through flowers and decorations

By Jolene Bailey

Some students at Windham High School believe that acts of kindness result in happiness and have been expressing their care about others in many colorful ways during this school year.

Windham High School French Club members 
sells roses at the school on Valentine's Day.
From left are Sasha Funk (senior), Madison
Boyton (senior), Sam Kerr (senior), Lauren
Neal (sophomore), and Izabel Butler
(sophomore). SUBMITTED PHOTO 
Since school started last fall, WHS students have decorated so many classroom doors to celebrate the different seasons and holidays and students have decorated each classroom door in their advisory as a fun activity to start off their school day.

During the holiday season in December, when walking down the school’s hallways you could find paper cut out snowflakes hung on doors, doors that were wallpapered, and some with favorite characters dressed for the Christmas season.

This was a way to show positive messages, some students and teachers said. To celebrate Valentines Day, a walk around the school revealed WHS classroom doors adorned in different colors such as red and pink hearts with student names or motivating messages.

Another way to spread positivity and happiness took place in February when members of the WHS French Honors Society began selling roses. This has been a tradition for French students at WHS for more than five years.

“It’s a great fundraiser to spread love and brighten up the day. It's another wonderful way to make connections with classmates and teachers around the school,” said WHS French teacher Katy Dresnok.

She said that selling roses relate to a French class as both are symbolic. Dresnok said roses are the flowers of love and French is a romantic language.

“This has been very successful. It gives the kids in the French Honor Society a way to reach out to all the homeroom classes in the morning and see other students all while raising money for the program,” she said. “Handing out flowers, makes us feel good to see people surprised and feel loved.”

On Valentine's Day, WHS French students volunteered to hand out flowers to students and staff. The roses were priced at $3 each and students were able to send roses to others with a note or with a name attached or anonymously.

“When it's anonymous, the surprise builds suspense and curiosity,” Dresnok said. “When it comes from a friend, it brings joy and appreciation which is contagious.”

Receiving flowers and seeing positive messages all over your daily surroundings can make one feel good about themselves or help others with a rough day, leading to lifting spirits on the WHS campus, she said. <

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