Friday, May 31, 2024

WHS National Honor Society to conduct bottle drive

By Jolene Bailey

An upcoming bottle drive will help fund activities and scholarships for National Honor Society students at Windham High School.

The bottle drive collection will take place between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday, June 8 under the canopy at Windham High.

The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes high school students for both their academic integrity and respectable identities. Students are considered for induction as they have proven themselves to be strong individuals in their freshman and sophomore years of high school. Once inducted into NHS, students are expected to withhold their responsibilities of demonstrating their leadership skills, maintaining good character, and committing to serve their community.

“Students have the opportunity to demonstrate qualities by participating in volunteer opportunities both within the society and outside of it, said WHS National Honor Society President Jordyn Davis-Belanger. “Overall, being a member of the National Honor Society is both a huge accomplishment and a responsibility for those involved. Our society recognizes outstanding students and gives us a chance to make a difference in our school and community.”

NHS members have hosted numerous fundraising events throughout each and every school year. Some they have done in the past include several food drives, a blood drive done in the fall, and the spring and the winter clothing drive from which the items collected were donated to the Preble Street Homeless Shelter in Portland.

“We have drives that we do yearly, but we are also always willing to find new ideas and opportunities. This bottle drive, as I mentioned before, has become almost a tradition in our society,” said Davis-Belanger.

The bottles donated and collected by NHS supervisor Brandon Champion will be redeemed at Patmans for money. A significant amount of the proceeds raised throughout the school year including this drive will go to grant two $800 scholarships to students at WHS.

“As of right now, this will be our last fundraiser of the school year. But starting back up with the next school year, we will have fundraisers or opportunities to volunteer at least once a month” said Davis-Belanger.

When students are involved in the NHS, volunteering gives them service hours which goes toward the required 24 hours each member needs per year. It is also just a great way for them to get involved, and demonstrate their leadership skills, which had nominated them in the first place.

“We already have our blood drive scheduled for November 20, as well as our annual poinsettia fundraiser that raises money for our scholarships. Other fundraisers are in the works, but we are continuously finding ways for students to get involved in the community and in our school,” said Davis-Belanger. “For those in the community, the bottle drive is a way to get rid of your empty bottles, but you are also a part of giving away two huge scholarships to help out students outside of high school.”

Davis-Belanger said this is important as it makes a difference in the community and allows kids to take part in this activity.”

For more details about the bottle drive, send an email to NHS President Jordyn Davis-Belanger at <

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