Sunday, April 28, 2013

Makeover Magic by Michelle Libby

Wendy Martin spends most of her days surrounded by boys. She has three of her own plus her husband, Scott. Scott was recently hired as the ranger for Camp Hinds in Raymond, so Wendy has taken on the roll of “camp Mom” for the hundreds of Boy Scouts who pass through the training center, which is attached to her house.

“I don’t get much sparkle where I am,” said Wendy. She walked into the salon and told them she was a blank slate and do what they wanted. Her only condition was that it be easy.”

Her friend Jennifer Cole nominated her for the makeover, which The Windham Eagle and Chic Boutique were more than willing to do.

“I never wear makeup. I’m a jump-out-of-bed-and-go type of girl,” said Wendy. “Probably the last time someone put makeup on me was at my wedding.”

Stylist Jessica Corson did grey bending using demi-permanent hair color so the look would be easy to maintain. She also did a haircut that would look great when styled straight or left curly. She finished the look by shaping her eyebrows and doing a light makeup application to even Wendy's skin tone and enhance her natural beauty.

Wendy said she was getting a lot of feedback. Sam Cole, son of Jennifer who nominated Wendy, asked “What did you do to your hair?” Wendy’s youngest son, Jonah, 10, didn’t want her to get her hair cut, but when he saw it he said, “Well, I like that hair cut. It looks good.” Her husband and sons Eri and Sam also rave about the new look, Wendy said. Her mother took a second glace and her dad didn’t know who was with Scott when they drove in their driveway.

The best part of the makeover for Wendy? “Just taking a few minutes for myself to do something that looks nice and makes me feel fresh, we never pamper ourselves, or at least I don’t,” she said.

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