Sunday, April 21, 2013

Show mom some love and flowers by Pam Pattee

“Yes, dear. I’ll drop off your gym bag at school for you.” Or “Mom, I really need a pair of shorts in school colors for tomorrow.” So we jump in the van and head out to Olympia Sports, because the world will come to absolute end if she doesn’t get them.  A mother’s love I call it, when we moms go out of our way for our children.

Mother’s Day is a traditional holiday where Mom receives flowers that may consist of carnations, roses, daisies and some baby’s breath. How ordinary!  My mom is anything but ordinary and I bet yours is too. Let’s take it up a notch and add some pizzazz. Ask your florist to place an unusual flower to the bouquet or arrangement - an orchid, a stem of Protea, or the latest trendy touch of succulents. Succulents will delight mom long after the blooms have faded. The succulent can simply be removed from the pick and planted into a container or ground. The added touch you give mom’s flowers will excite her. We know she is worth it. Remember mom washed that special shirt you needed for date night. Now it’s her turn to be someone special, and she deserves the best.

Keep in mind the flowers will be remembered for years to come. Personalize the arrangement. Does mom like sparkles and shiny objects? Your local florist has many ways to add bling to any flowers you select. Maybe mom is down to earth. Birch bark, twigs and array of naturals can be added. Whatever mom’s style is, can be added to the flowers you select from the cooler. You local florist will be happy to make it one of a kind for Mom.

Imagine the pride you’ll feel when mom sees the flowers you took precious time to select. Her face will glow and her heart will be filled with joy. She’ll share her excitement with other moms who ask her what she got this Mother’s Day. Make this year the year she brags about you and the flowers.  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pam Pattee is Maine Master Floral Designer, independent consultant, who lives in Windham.

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