Sunday, July 6, 2014

Help Jordan River marina Condo Association eradicate milfoil

The infestation of milfoil in New England's lakes and ponds is the biggest threat to our waters and could cost millions of dollars in reduced property taxes, removal expenses and lost tourism dollars. Heavy plant growth causes entanglement of boats and motors in thick weed beds, causes reduced fishing and water recreation opportunities, and represents a nuisance and potential danger to swimmers.

The most common cause of milfoil infestations is through boat propellers that chop up pieces of the milfoil plant. These fragments float on the surface and are spread by the wind and lake currents. In a short period of time the roots form on the cut portion of the plant. They eventually wash to shore or sink in shallow water and take root creating a new colony of milfoil.

Jordan River Marina Condominium Association (JRMCA) is located on Crockett Road in Raymond on the Jordan River that leads into Sebago Lake. There are three areas with boat slips in the same general location. Panther Run Marina, Indian Point and JRMCA. Over several years there has been a continual infestation of variable milfoil continuing to grow.

Since 2006, Gale Pillsbury of the JRMCA has written grant applications submitted through the Lake Environmental Association. These are reviewed by the Department of Environmental Association for the State of Maine. The milfoil stickers purchased when you register a boat are the source of funding for the grants.

Over the years, JRMCA has been awarded grants and has hired a dive team from New England Milfoil to do the work pulling the milfoil using divers and a suction harvester. When JRMCA first started work to remove milfoil in the marina the plant was so invasive it was floating on the surface of the water.

For 2015, Gale is looking hoping to work together with Indian Point and Panther Run Marina to expand the effort of remediation.

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