Sunday, July 20, 2014

RSU14 recognized for promotion of wellness - By Courtney Post van der Burg

Wellness seems to be the word of our times. There are people telling us how we can be aware of our own wellness. RSU14 has been recognized for the promotion of wellness. We have won national awards and received the Carol M. White Pep Grant, which kick started our i225 movement. (If you haven’t heard of i225 check out All the schools have updated from the My Pyramid to the newest (easier to understand) Choose My Plate. I encourage everyone to check out ( With all the new information coming at us today it can be hard to navigate this world of wellness. Not to worry RSU14 has a wellness team that is full of energy and filled with new ideas and teachings. RSU14 has had a wellness team for many years supporting many programs and scholarships. They have supported staff in programs such as March into May and Go Red for Women Day. They have offered cooking programs for students and have brought Zumba to schools for an afternoon wellness activity. 
Recently eight members of the wellness team attended The Maine Wellness Conference for Educators. We spent three days and two nights learning about technology, apps, food, dance, and how to promote wellness not only in the schools to staff and students but to reach out to the parents and community. We were the largest group representing schools from all over the state of Maine. Not only did we attend the conference but in a few of our round table discussions and learning centers we were able to share what we are doing as a district and community. We brought to the table the growth Windham’s Community Garden, the work and education of the i225 and the 5210 programs. We were able to educate others on our work with the Hannaford and our work with the Guiding Stars. We also worked on our team’s action plan and how to implement it. We had fun, but did work hard at learning how to work as a team and get ourselves out in the community. We hope that you have seen or heard of the great things RSU14 is bringing to staff, students and the community. We are a hardworking and dedicated team who want to bring new ideas, fun activities and wellness education and awareness to the whole community. We are excited for school to start (but hope that summer doesn’t go by too fast) and our team to meet again and get to work.


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