Sunday, June 28, 2015

Windham author introduces Lenny the Lobster - By Michelle Libby

Local author Jill Mathieu knew one day she would write a book. At least she told herself that when she was in fifth grade. This year, her dream came true. “I was a bucket list item,” Mathieu said. “I’ve always been a fan of picture books.” 

In April she released “Lenny the Lobster” from Tate Publishing and Enterprises. Having grown up in Ohio, she didn’t have a lot of ocean experiences. For the last 10 years, she’s been coming to Maine for family vacations, until she and her husband relocated to help run Bob’s Seafood in Windham, the family business. 

‘Lenny the Lobster” is a rhyming book that features a lobster with a dream to “shine in front of an admiring audience.” The message in the book is to dream big and keep striving to achieve a dream.
“Set a goal even if it takes 30 years pursue your dreams,” she told her class. 

“I knew I wanted it to be about a lobster,” Mathieu said. Making it rhyme made it more fun for children, she thought. Tate Publishing took over after the book was accepted and they handled the marketing and illustrations. When the book is purchased, there is also a code to receive a free audiobook version of “Lenny the Lobster.”

Mathieu has received some comments about Lenny not being red. Her response was that “If he was red, he’d be cooked.” Even the art reflects the accuracy of a Maine lobster with one claw larger than the other. 

The sixth grade teacher at Poland Community School, also teaches a children’s literature class for the University of Phoenix.  Her favorite book is “Library Mouse”, which inspires people that anyone can be a writer.

Mathieu lives in Windham with her husband and two children, ages 7 and 12. “They like it. They were excited.” She even went into her younger son’s class and read the book to them. 

This summer Mathieu hopes to do book signings on the coast at area shops. 

“Lenny the Lobster” can be purchased for $8.99 at Bob’s Seafood in Windham on Route 302, at Tate Publishing or on or Mathieu can be reached at

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