Friday, February 12, 2016

Helping kindness spread at Windham Middle School

By Michelle Libby - The Windham Middle School student council under the direction of Shelly Cook hosted a Kindness week this past week to correspond with National Random Acts of Kindness Week. Each day teachers were asked to help engage the students in something that would remind them of kindness.

“There’s a need for kindness everywhere,” said Cook. “It’s important for kids to see kindness being modeled by staff, then they’ll extend the kindness further.”

The teachers were given a survival kit with objects to give out each day. On Monday the students were asked to think of something they could do to help show kindness. Suggestions were send a positive message to someone, hold the door open for someone, offer to help clear a lunch table or thank your parents. These were activities that anyone could be successful at.

“We want students to recognize what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be kind, so it becomes part of our culture, part of our school and our community of learners,” Cook said. All week students were reading and writing about kindness in their classrooms. Teachers were excited to have a whole week to focus their lessons on kindness.

On Tuesday, the students were given a pencil to remind them to “Think about the words they write, before they are permanent.”

Wednesday students were given an eraser to remind them that “Everyone makes mistakes, it’s okay. You can erase away any unkindness and start each new day with a fresh, clean slate.” Wednesday was also custodial treat day, where everyone acknowledged the custodians at the school

Thursday teachers gave out gum to remind students to “stick to being kind.” Office staff and education technicians were celebrated as well.

On Friday, students were given a kindness sticker and anyone wearing their sticker could earn free prized during the day. Teachers were celebrated on Friday. They were given a special t-shirt that said “Proud to be a WMS teacher, keep calm and teach at Windham MS.”

“Let somebody impatient cut in front of you in the lunch line,” Cook suggested. “I’m hoping that students will pick up on this and extend it into the future.”

Cook is hoping that this will become a yearly event that the students will want to continue next year and every day.  

What kindness means to Windham Middle School students:

"Be the change you want to see in the world" —Gandhi
"Be kind out of respect not because it’s 'Kindness Week'" —Austin grade 7
"People should be kind to each other no matter what”—Tony  grade 7
“Kindness week means a favor, kind of like giving, a little thing that can makes someone’s day feel special” Desiree and Kiara grade 7
"Be kind to everyone” Emma grade 7
“If someone drops something, pick it up”—Jack
"When someone does nice things like carry your stuff” Sean
"Lots of people take things for granted without saying thank you. I want people to notice and say thank you.” Arianna grade 7
"Kindness week is a good thing because it reminds people what it means to be nice.” Kristen grade 7
"Being kind to someone that may not be having a great day so they can feel better.” Dakota grade 7
"A small act of kindness can make a big difference.” Autumn grade 7
“The little things make a big difference.” Madeline grade 7
“Be kind to everyone you know and meet; that will bring you success.” Brennan McGloin 8th grade
“Being kind to people.”  Kelsey
“To accept peoples differences and know that we are all different.” Denali
“To show people that being kind makes people feel better and if someone’s nice to you it makes you feel better.” Chris
“To do something kind or nice for someone else.” Kaila
“Being kind to others makes a difference in the world.” Roya
“To show that the school cares about kindness.” Lydia
“To be kind to everyone.” Becca
“Being nicer to people you don’t know” Alyssa
“While being kind you create a chain reaction of kindness.” Julia
“Kindness week is so people can feel good about themselves.” Rylee
“People like feeling good about themselves and being nice to others so they can feel good about themselves too.” Mikayla
“To show respect to everyone.” Matt
“Kindness week is to help others feel good about themselves.” Roscoe
“To be able to share kindness with other people even if they aren’t kind back. Maybe they’ll change their minds and become kinder.” Rylee
“Sharing and caring.” Cam
“To teach us to be kind.” Carissa
“Kindness week is about helping others” JP
“Kindness is good” Ryan
“It makes people happy to be kind.” Bria
“Kindness makes a difference in other’s lives and brings people up.” Olivia
“Being kind is kind because it makes people happy.” Eli
“Being kind: If you make somebody happy then they’ll probably try to make somebody else happy too. It just keeps on going.” Dalton
“Everyone wants to be treated kindly.” Dylan
“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”
“Kind is good.” James
“Show that we care about people.” Mollie“Kindness week makes me a better person.” Travis
“We do kindness week so people can respect us.” Nick
“Be kind to be kind” Dana
“Kindness week is about saying hi to someone or being nice to someone to make their day.” Gabe
“It brings me joy to have someone else have a smile on their face.” Jack
“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.” Jesse Jackson
“Karma” Ethan

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