Friday, February 26, 2016

Windham PTA announces the 2015-2016 Reflections Arts Program winners

The Windham PTA announced the winners for the Reflections Arts Program this past week. There were approximately 100 entries according to the PTA.
“It was so wonderful to see all the hard work and dedication put into these pieces of art.  Great job to you all,” said PTA member Terri Marin. 

There will be a recognition night at Manchester School on Thursday, March 24, at an invitation only event. Participants receive certificates and winners receive awards and ribbons, according to Chelsea Sperry. 

The first place winners will have their work submitted to Augusta and the state Reflections competition.

They are as follows:

LITERATURE  grades 3-5  
1st place - Kaitlyn Farrin, "A World Without War"
2nd place - Lance Taquet, "Story of Rokio"
3rd place - Greta Paulding, "Imagination"

VISUAL ARTS  grades K-2
1st place - Karly Day, "The New & Improved Jumprope"
2nd place - Brooke Smith, "I Can Be Anything"
3rd place - Sydney Broadbent, "You Can Only Go So High"

VISUAL ARTS   grades 3-5
1st place - Evan Gilheany, "Me, Myself & Mr Imagination"
2nd place - Mia White, "Black Headed Guinea Bird"
3rd place - Lila Schrock, "A Swirl of Thought"

PHOTOGRAPHY  grades 6-8
1st place - Aiden Day, "Freeze"

PHOTOGRAPHY   grades 9-12
1st place - Gardner Reed, "Calm Ambiguity"

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