Friday, June 3, 2016

Teaching them right at Windham Middle School - By Stephen Signor

Our children are the next generation inheritors of Planet Earth. While we have heard this over and over, how many parents have actually had the time or taken the steps necessary to remind children of their role in the future. By what means have we instilled the importance of how everything they do can have some kind of impact on their environment? Well, what better way to prepare them than give them an out of classroom experience. To this end I offer kudos to Windham Middle School and the participating teachers of Grade 6. often walk the grounds that encompass Windham High School. In particular I find myself heading toward the woods and the trail system behind the athletic fields that border Windham Center Road. On one particular day I would not be alone.  

You see, Earth Rock Day was being held and the area was buzzing with sixth graders getting their brains jump started on nature. More than that, they were being mentored on the science of our planet. 

Along the cross country trail and adjacent to Pleasant River students were divided into small groups. From tectonic plates to fish and plants they learned how we are affected by Mother Nature; more importantly how to treat the environment around them. Emphasis was highly placed on how precious our natural resources are, how they are being destroyed and more importantly how we all can do our part to prevent and hopefully squelch the consequences.  

As I took great time in completing my walking loop it was encouraging to see the overall participation by students in this all day event and the genuine interest I could see on their faces. I could not help but smile at them.

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