Friday, December 1, 2017

Raymond Village Library President is grateful by Sheila Bourque, President

As I look back over the past year, I realize that I have been part of an incredible transformation. My fellow Board members gave me the honor of electing me Board President, and I took the helm of a library ready to burst into light that can be seen throughout our community. The Raymond Village Library has a new energy and it can be seen and felt every day. As I look back, I can only say that I am filled with tremendous gratitude to be part of this team and this community. Allow me to share this gratitude with you.
I am grateful for the addition of Library Director, Allision Griffin. Her professionalism and steady hand brought a calmness that allowed the Board and staff to address our challenges one by one. am grateful for the library renovation, the new accessible bathroom, and the weeding and rearranging of the collection. This opened the space and the library became more comfortable and inviting. I am grateful for the businesses and community of Raymond that donated their time, energy, products and money to accomplish this wonder. I am grateful for the staff, Connie Bouchard, Karen Perry and Lisa McDonald for braving the construction and never failing to provide excellent service.

I am grateful for the Raymond Community Garden under the leadership of Leigh Walker. The garden provided fresh vegetables to the Raymond Food Pantry and brought us an outdoor reading room donated by High Wire Hydroponics, and provided fresh, pick your own planter boxes at the entryway of the library. I am grateful for our Children’s and Butterfly Gardens, which moved down closer to the library and provided wonderful fun and education under the leadership of Linda Pankewicz. The raising and release of our Monarch butterflies provided by the Era Keats Foundation was a highlight! 

I am grateful for everyone who attended our author nights, craft events, book group, story times, math programs, computer classes and so many more programs and events. The library was busy!
I am grateful for Kevin Woodbury who guided us through a rewiring of our computer infrastructure. His advice on equipment and approaches has been invaluable.

I am grateful for Raymond Beatification Committee who kept our library plantings looking beautiful all season and the Town Department of Public Works staff who kept everything watered. There is a special place in my heart for Public Works Director Nathan White, who was always ready with a smile, advice, and a willingness to help.

I am grateful for the Raymond Garden Club under the leadership of Sharon Dodson. The Garden Tour was not only incredible but also provided record breaking funds back to the library. The entire Garden Tour team was wonderful!

I am grateful for the Select Board whose questions have led us to significant improvement. I am grateful for the residents of Raymond who voted to provide significant funding support to our library.

I am grateful for every volunteer who works at the library. Without these folks we would not be able to staff the library during our open hours. I also am grateful for all the volunteers who jump in to help with our fundraisers. Another corner of my heart is reserved for Melanie Champniss whose tireless effort and depth of knowledge ensured a record breaking plant sale! I am grateful for every member of our community who supports the library with their time effort and donations. We could not do it without each and every one. am grateful for our community. I am humbled by watching our community work together to make Raymond a place of boundless opportunities and new energy. The countless people that came together to make Everybody Loves Raymond a wonderful family event cannot even be counted. The U Can 5K, the parade, musicians and vendors all worked hard for this fun day. A group has come together to work on making Raymond an Age Friendly Community and has achieved acceptance into the Age Friendly Network. Another group has formed the Raymond Arts Alliance with the support of the Raymond Community Church under the leadership of Reverend Nancy Foran. The library looks forward to our continued participation.

Finally, I am grateful for the Library Board of Trustees - Paul Cullinan, Vice President; Leigh Walker, Treasurer; Janet Walker, Secretary; Kimberly Allen, Nick Hardy, Mark Jordan and Briana Bizier are all committed to the library. I thank them for their work and the trust they have placed in me.

The year, 2018 promises to be a delightful year! Come on down to the library and experience our motto “An Open Door ~ Discover the Possibilities” and you too will be grateful.

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