Friday, December 8, 2017

Senator Diamond helps unveil Maine bicentennial license plate

The new bicentennial license plate, celebrating Maine’s upcoming 200th anniversary in 2020, was presented at a ceremony at the Maine State Museum on Monday. Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham, joined Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap and other officials and members of the Maine Bicentennial Commission.

“It’s exciting to help unveil this license plate because it signals the work of the Commission is beginning in earnest,” said Sen. Diamond, a former Secretary of State. “We have an excellent group of people, all focused on giving our great state the celebration and acknowledgement it deserves. I look forward to more ceremonies like this one, and I thank Secretary Dunlap and his office for creating this attractive license plate. I’ve already bought one!”

The plate costs $25 and proceeds go toward the coordinated celebration marking the anniversary of Maine’s independence from Massachusetts in 1820. Plates may only be displayed on the front of a vehicle or in the rear window and can be purchased from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles via mail or at 13 branch offices across the state. Beginning on December 15, plates will be available for purchase online. Details are available at the BMV’s website dedicated to the license plates at

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