Friday, June 14, 2019

The Raymonds celebrates local film makers

Kindergartners from Mrs. Spearin's Class
Photo Courtesy of John Powers

By Briana Bizier        

Did you catch this year’s hottest celebration of moviemaking talent? With its red carpet, elegantly dressed movie stars, golden statuettes for the winners, and emotional acceptance speeches, it’s certainly a night to remember.

I am talking, of course, about The Raymonds, the annual festival devoted to artistic collaborations between the students of Jordan Small Middle School and Raymond Elementary School. Each year, students from JSMS work with classes at the elementary school to produce short movies. The Raymonds celebrates these artistic endeavors with a night of awards, speeches, and musical performances.

The Windham Eagle offers a hearty congratulations to all the participants!

People's Choice Awards
Shark Attack - Kindergarten
The Suspicious Sub - 4th Grade

K-2 Division
1st - The Beast - Grade 2
2nd - Disappearing Kids - Grade 2
3rd - The Friendly Dragon - Kindergarten  and Shark Attack Kindergarten

3-4 Division - Are you smarter than an 8th grader?  - Grade 4
2nd - The Suspicious Sub - Grade 4
3rd - 4k Ultra HD calculator  - Grade 4

5-6 Division
1st - Jacob's Detective Agency - Grade 5
2nd - Mixed up Music - Grade 5
3rd - Tricks R4 Kids -Grade 5 and Flex Tape - Grade 6

7th Division
1st - Gratitude - Grade 7

8th Division
1st - The Cloning
2nd - Lazy Raymond and Google's Order
3rd - Mishap at the Mansion and The Competition

McIntosh Award (Best in Show)
The Cloning 

Finally, current eighth grader Al Potter was recognized with a new award for Excellence in Film Making and Outstanding Dedication. Potter won his second McIntosh Award this year and finished his four years at JSMS with nine total trophies. This outstanding young filmmaker is leaving his middle school years after achieving a first place in every movie category other than K-2. 

Congratulations, Potter, and perhaps someday we’ll see you celebrating on another red carpet!

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