Friday, June 7, 2019

Windham Middle School teachers jam for a good cause

By Matt Pascarella

Friday Night, May 31, the Windham High School auditorium was rockin’. “The Middle”, a Windham Middle School teacher band comprised of Morgan Riley, (keyboard and vocals), Joe Boudreau (bass), Doug Elder (bass and vocals) and Matthew Shardlow (drums and bass) held their first ever teacher concert fundraiser for Windham Middle School with proceeds going to Special Olympics, Robotics, Band/Orchestra and the Civil Rights Team.

The Middle - a band comprised of teachers Doug Elder,
 Matt Shardlow, Joe Boudreau and Morgan Riley
raise funds for the school
The evening began with special guest, “Pantomine”, a Windham High band, performing a few current and older songs. When “The Middle” hit the stage they played a couple songs solo and then had a variety of students, including the eighth grade orchestra, joining them on stage.

Shardlow, whose father taught at Windham back in the 1980s, remembers something similar being done at a talent show with Dr. Richard Nickerson and another student. The show cast the teachers in a different light; humanizing the teachers.

“I thought we could capture the essence of that concept, and let our students see that we aren’t simply the adults that make them do work and follow rules,” explained Shardlow.

“Matt Shardlow, Doug Elder, Joe Boudreau and I started cooking up this idea last school year and it never took hold until over this last summer,” stated Music Teacher, Morgan Riley. “We started rehearsing and did a show for the Middle School at an assembly and they loved it. I feel like this is important to connect with the community...fundraising for good causes and for the students to see us in a different light.”

“I used to play a lot and I’d sort of gotten out of it,” said STEM teacher Joe Boudreau. When he and Shardlow became friends, Boudreau stated that their connection brought back the magic of music in him. “It’s a chance to give these kids a platform to do something different and showcase what they can do.”

“This is important to me personally, because along the way there were many people that gave me opportunities that helped propel me forward in music and life, and I think all teachers seek opportunities to pay these things forward,” added Shardlow.

“The highlight is showcasing the kids,” commented Elder. “That’s the treat for all of us - who can we nab from the student body to come in and play something and showoff their talent. It’s exciting.”

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