Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mend-A-Body wrap up with the Eagle staff

Mend-A-Body – Niels
Well this month marks six months that I have been “on” the Mend-A-Body program. Let’s be honest there were those weeks around the holidays that I was not so good. The difference this year is that with what I have learned from Deb and Ashley at Mend-A-Body I was able to maintain my weight through the holidays and not put on a single pound. That has never happened before. I would always be one of those people that would gain 10-plus pounds at the holidays and hit January 1st feeling horrible. This year I feel great and ready to continue with my Mend-A-Body lifestyle. The knowledge, tools, and training that I was given over the past 6 months have been the key to my success. I am eager for the future and to see how Mend-A-Body continues to change my life. If you are looking for a life changing weigh loss/healthy living lifestyle plan I highly recommend and suggest you contact Mend-A-Body and start feeling better.

Mend-A-Body – Michelle
Six months seemed like a long time when we started this program, but now feels like it went by fast. The holidays were bumpy for me. Temptation was all around. Having the one on one coaching sure did come in handy. 

New Year’s is a great time to recommit to health and fitness and the principles of the Mend-A-Body solution is the way to go. Being an anti-inflammatory plan, makes a huge difference in the waistband of my pants and my energy level. When I slipped up, I notice it in the way I was feeling, that sluggish, bring me another bon-bon-not-want-to-get-off-the-couch feeling. Principles we have learned about drinking more water, eating cleaner and in the right amounts and proportions is something that I will use going forward this year. I invite anyone who is interested in losing weight and learning about a healthy, science-based plan, give Mend-A-Body a call.

Mend-A-Body – Kelly
Six months ago something happened that I quite frankly thought I would never do. I look at food and what I eat very differently. When I eat something I know is not great for me or that it won’t help me get to my goals, I know I am going to feel it. Mend-A-Body definitely taught me more about types of food and about different choices that I never really thought of. 

The program doesn’t necessarily take away your favorite foods – it opens your eyes and brain to other options as well as educates you on if you eat the food what else you need to eat to counter it. Eighteen pounds down was my low, I did gain back a couple pounds around the holidays and our move, but I am completely aware of why I gained those back. I have made some alterations in my eating habits that will stay with me for the rest of my life, because they are easy. I don’t need to think about them… it just happens. It is amazing how much small changes make a huge difference.

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