Monday, March 24, 2014

Student of the week - Isabella Rosborough

Isabella Rosborough, an eighth grader at Windham Middle School, is The Windham Eagle student of the week. The 14-year-old is motivated and driven. She plans to attend four to six years of college to become a power engineer and work with wind turbines.  I would like to travel and eventually settle down and have a family.

Isabella believes that “you can’t do anything in life without an education.”

“Isabella always listens to her peers, showing a genuine interest and then adds rich exchanges coming from her own experiences and thinking. She is a very independent thinker and doer. She embraces responsibility and is a young woman who defines her personal and academic growth with a manner of marked maturity,” said Gwen Roberts her language arts teacher. 

Isabella is the daughter of Alison and Bob Rosborough and has a brother Mason. She has two cats, Willow and Delilah. 

When Isabella is not in school she babysits, does homework and reads. “I am also a member of the People to People Ambassadors Program. This summer I will be traveling to Italy, France, and England for three weeks. We will be visiting the Vatican, Eiffel Tower, British Parliament and many museums.”

Favorite subject:  English
Favorite TV show: Supernatural
Favorite animal: Dolphin
Favorite movie: All hero movies like “Marvel Movies”.
Hobbies: Play the flute, swim, play soccer, reading, and traveling.


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