Friday, October 21, 2016

Student of the week - Kiana Webster

The Windham Eagle student of the week is Kiana Webster, an eighth grader at Jordan-Small Middle School. Kiana’s favorite subject is social studies. When she grows up she wants to be a linguist and go to school in Italy. 

“Equal parts historian, writer and artist, “Kiki” stands out as a bird of a different feather even when she isn’t near Pride Rock. When Kiana Webster finds a project appealing, it quickly becomes an obsession. Whether creating a new country, writing an original play (whose characters are personified nations of the world), or drawing dragons to symbolize appreciation for Maine veterans, Kiana’s imagination and devotion to her work shine like no other. Her penchant for perfectionism is palpable, and her desire to learn laudable. Kiana is an amazing young lady!” according to the teachers in her school. 

“When I’m not in school, I’m at home playing videogames or teaching myself new things, like Italian,” Kiana said. She likes school because “it is the perfect balance of social interaction, learning new experiences and realization that we all need to prepare for the real world.” 

Kiana has a sister, Kailyn, two cats, two dogs and fish named Romano.

Favorite TV show: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Favorite Animal: Dragon
Favorite movie: Mulan
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, gaming

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