Friday, March 9, 2018

Area students demonstrate artistic talent by Jennifer Davis

"Within Reach” was the theme for this year’s Windham PTA Reflections Program, which is part of a national program with purpose and intention to highlight the artistic talent of the youth in the community. “It gives an outlet for students to share their talent with the community in a meaningful and thought-provoking way,” states Katharine Slomczynski, Windham PTA Reflections Chair.  
That is exactly what this year’s participants accomplished.

Students were required to create an original work of art in one of four categories: Literature, Visual Arts, Music Composition, and Photography to demonstrate the theme, “Within Reach.” They were required to create an artist’s statement explaining how their entry reflected this theme. 

Students’ work was judged on three criteria: interpretation of theme, creativity, and technique focusing on how well each participant utilized art to reflect the topic. Judges were handpicked for his/her expertise in the category that he or she were evaluating. Each judge followed the National PTA’s Judging Rubric when assessing the students’ artwork.

All of this year’s winners are invited to attend the State Awards Ceremony in April where prizes will be awarded. To support this year’s participants, individuals can congratulate the winners and encourage them to apply again. Next year’s theme will be “Heroes Among Us” and students in grades K-12 are all encouraged to apply. To do so, individuals can contact the PTA for a registration form at
The PTA Reflections Program also offers opportunity for people to volunteer. “We are always looking for help with Reflections and encourage people to volunteer,” Slomczynski said. “If interested contact the Windham PTA.” Also individuals can email the PTA for more information.
 The winners for this year’s competition are listed below.  Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and participants.

Windham Maine Reflections Winners 2017-2018 “Within Reach”

Intermediate grades 3-5
1st place: Nathan Paulding – “Reaching for Apples”
2nd place: Eduard Anghel – “Reduce the Pile”
3rd place: Delia Tomkus – “Within Reach”

Middle school grades 6-8
1st place: Kaitlyn Farrin - “Soda Cans”
2nd place: Rachelle Cloutier -“You can always reach the Apple”
3rd place: Bella Cataldi - “My not happily ever after”

Visual Arts
Primary grades K-2
1st place: Isaac Bernier - "My Goals are Within Reach"
2nd place: Adam Slomczynski - "A Squirrel Jumps"
3rd place: Miles Morrison - "A Beliezian Landscape"

Intermediate grades 3-5
1st place: Kayley Buzzell - "The World of my Imagination"
2nd place: Nathan White - "Knife's edge rock racing"
3rd place: Megan Keary - "My Perfect World"

Middle School grades 6-8
1st place: Teila Bowen - "The Graham Reaper"
2nd place: Shamus Morrison - "Buck Fever"
3rd place: Isabella Favreau - "Chasing Dreams"

Music Composition
Intermediate grades 3-5
1st place: Lydia Marden - "My Dreams are in Reach"

Middle school grades 6-8
1st place: Bradley Collins - "Within Reach"

Intermediate grades 3-5
1st place: Francesca Lomonte - "Sister Sunrise"
2nd place: Najala Boatman - "Sage Sunset"
3rd place: Marek Slomczynski - "Almost got it"

Middle school grades 6-8
1st place: Mackenzie Daigle - "The Road Ahead"
2nd place: Rachelle Cloutier - "Within your Reach"
3rd place: Owen Blackstone - "Dystopia"

High School grades 9-12
1st place: Tyler Collins - "Setting Peace"

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