Friday, March 2, 2018

Book Review of “Upside-Down Magic” Reviewed by Sage Bizier, age 7

This book has a great message!

It tells the reader that, even though you are different, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of friendship.

The story is about a girl who is a Fluxer. A Fluxer is a person who can change shape, but she always
Sage Bizier reviews "Upside Down Magic."
gets her shape wrong, because sometimes she turns into a Dritten. That is a kitten, but it breathes fire and has dragon wings. She wants to go into Sage Academy, a very fancy magic school. But they don
’t want wonky magic, so she can’t get in.

So, she finds another school with her aunt, and they find a friend who is a Flare. A Flare is someone who can light fires without having any fires nearby. They can just make fires appear out of thin air. But he can’t make fire. He can just freeze stuff. 

They go into the school together and find other kids with wonky magic, like Andres, who is a Flyer. Flyers can fly, but Andres can’t come down off the ceiling. Another child at the wonky magic school is Sebastian. He’s a Flicker, and they are supposed to make things invisible, but instead he can see things that are invisible. Together these friends solve important problems. 

This book was funny in some places. In other parts it was serious, and sometimes it was a mix of both. Sometimes it was a little scary.

I recommend this book to other children because it has a good message and it was very exciting!

(Sage’s mom adds that you can find “Upside-Down Magic” in the young reader section of the Raymond Village Library.)

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