Friday, March 2, 2018

Favorite collections: A night of music, poetry and narrative by Sheila Bourque

Do have a favorite piece of music? A favorite poem? Do you have a story from your life, family, or a family pet that you’ve told again and again and still find yourself appreciating it all over again? 

Would you be willing to share any one of these for an evening of collective listening and telling?  
The power of storytelling is unquestionable. People are storytellers! We tell stories to share our history, our culture, to spread knowledge, to educate or persuade and just to have fun.

The Raymond Arts Alliance is seeking these stories for a night of telling and sharing. Submit your favorites and enjoy what happens when they are shared with others. Your favorites can also be presented for you if you’d like to contribute but want to remain anonymous. Who doesn’t like to tell a great story?

Submissions can be emailed, phoned or discussed over coffee. The presentation date will be determined when we have the collection! I hope you’ll think about participating! 

For more information, email Mary-Therese Duffy at  or call 712-6200.
The Raymond Arts Alliance exists to inspire connection, collaboration, education, and enjoyment. Its focus is to enrich our community through the arts and present events for all ages. RAA encourages community participation and provides a space where cultural diversity is celebrated.

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