Friday, April 29, 2016

Student of the week - Reese Merritt

The Windham Eagle student of the week is Reese Merritt, a 12-year-old at Jordan-Small Middle School. The seventh grader loves math. 

“The seventh grade team is pleased to nominate Reese Merritt.  Reese was nominated by many of his peers who agree he is kind, honest, trustworthy, accepting and considerate.  One peer wrote, ‘Reese was kind enough to let me hang out with him whenever I felt left out of the group. He never questions who you're with or why you're with them.’  In the classroom, Reese is a strong student, a great peer helper and focused on doing his best,” the JSMS team said.  

Reese doesn’t know what he wants to do when he is older. “Education is important because if you never learned, you would not get a job that you love. I know many kids want a specific job that requires a good education,” he said. He enjoys skiing, soccer, tennis, drawing as well as drama, chorus and band. 

Reese lives with his mom Desiree, dad Richard, 14-year-old dog Gretchen and a 12-year-old cat Kar-Nack.

Favorite subject:  Math
Favorite TV show:  Science Channel and the news
Favorite Animal:  Elephant
Favorite movie:  all of the Harry

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