Friday, April 29, 2016

Understanding the importance of hardscaping - By Ryan Additon of Northeast Landscape Design

Hardscaping is the backbone of your yard. It creates an impression of strength and integrity when you pull up to it, a presence, if you may.  Hardscaping unifies the home with its surrounding environment. We live in a state scraped down by the glaciers. The glaciers carved out ponds, rivers and lakes, dispersing huge boulders and sediments. Most of us have those deposits right in our own backyards, so why not incorporate them into our own personal landscape design?

Northeast Landscape Design always starts the design process by stepping back and taking in the surroundings.  Whether we need to retain a particular area on the lawn or build pathways to and from certain entrance points or disperse water away from the homestead, environmental features are all key factors.

Next we look at incorporating the stone features in a way where the design just looks natural, like it has always been there. We try to incorporate stone which is indigenous to our land to homogenize the entire project. We place smaller stone boulders in planting beds to give the effect of planting around ledge popping out of the ground. Without a good hardscape design, gardens will lack luster, pathways won’t make sense, and disorder will rule.
Benefits for adding hardscaping to your landscape.

-Increased property value. You can increase your property value by 10 to15 percent with a professionally landscaped yard, or a return on your money spent by 75 to 100 percent when you sell. defines spaces. A retaining wall can level out a certain part of your yard or create a place for your BBQ grill and seating area. Hardscaping can create an area for your bonfires, and can direct traffic to areas you want your guest to go.
-Expands your living space. Adding a patio enlarges your home’s footprint for those enjoyable summer evenings. 

-Reduces maintenance. The less grass you have the more time you have enjoying you yard.

- Beautification. When landscapes look nice it makes you feel good.

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