Friday, April 8, 2016

Student of the Week - Caitlyn Nassa

Thirteen-year-old Caitlyn Nassa is The Windham Eagle student of the week. The eighth grader at Jordan-Small Middle School loves English/language arts. 

“From her peer nominations:  She is nice, kind and sweet.  At skiing she always helps me buckle one boot and gives me food when I am out and she is nice to everyone in our group,” according to the teacher committee. 

Her teachers said, “Caitlyn works well with others, and often encourages and/or helps others when she sees that they could use the encouragement or help.

Caitlyn enjoys dancing, skiing and dancing.  She would like to be a chef when she grows up.” 

Caitlyn lives with her mom, dad, sister, three dogs, one cat, two rabbits and four chickens. 

“Education is important because it helps you get further in life,” she said. She also loves dancing or hanging out with her friends.

Favorite TV show:  The Fosters
Favorite animal:  Dog
Favorite movie:  All the Fast and Furious movies
Hobbies:  Dancing, skiing, singing

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