Friday, April 22, 2016

Student of the week - Mya Bolk

The Windham Eagle student of the week is 13-year-old Mya Bolk, who attends eighth grade at Jordan-Small Middle School. Her favorite subject is English/language arts. 

“Mya’s positive attitude about learning new things and her willingness to help other students are a winning combination and makes us proud to present Mya this award.  Not only does she succeed in the getting other students involved in class activities, but she also is ‘nice and always smiles’ according to one of her peers.  Another quote from a peer says it all … ‘Mya is very nice and works hard.  I aspire to be as courageous as her’,” said her teachers. 

When she grows up, Mya would like to work with animals. She likes to learn and realizes the importance of it. When she’s not in school she enjoys “hanging with friends or playing field hockey.

Mya lives with her mom, dad and sister, Caroline, her dogs Ozcar and Otis and a lizard.

Favorite TV show: Once Upon a Time
Favorite Animal: Lizard/Dog
Favorite movie:  Pirates of the Caribbean
Hobbies:  Skiing, snowboarding, field hockey

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