Friday, April 8, 2016

Exchange students experience average American life - By Jaydie Allen

Every September, Windham High School welcomes a new batch of students, mostly from the towns of Windham and Raymond, but seven spots are held each year for exchange students traveling from other countries. Students travel from a variety of locations and have the choice to select to stay only a semester or the entire year, depending on their preference. Christopher Howell, principal of Windham High School, said “This year we have hosted students from Bangladesh, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Brazil and the Czech Republic.” The students who travel and attend WHS get to select their courses and take part in extracurricular activities, gaining the average American high school student experience. In some programs, the student gets to choose where they wish to travel, but in others, such as junior, Fernanda Arcoverde’s, program, her host family chose her. Although Arcoverde only stayed the first semester at WHS, she got to participate in sports and homecoming. 

“Windham High School is a really good school with amazing teachers. The people there are so nice and lovely. I can’t say how much I appreciate all the nice things they did for me,”Arcoverde said. Arcoverde travelled from the bustling streets of Brazil to the tranquilness of Windham, meeting the crisp leaves of autumn and the blizzards of winter for the first time. “Maine is such a great place, I learned a lot there, I accomplished my goals, approached my English and I met different people that I have a bond forever. That is priceless. I have grown a lot with

the experience of being away from home,” said Arcoverde.

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