Friday, May 27, 2016

Local quilter receives Viewer's Choice award at quilt show

At the Calico Quilters Quilt Show in April, Marlee Carter of New Gloucester received the most Viewers' Choice votes of all 35 exhibitors. "Homage to Aunt Mamie" was the most popular of the five quilts she entered. This show attracts about 375 attendees and is held in Yarmouth in even-numbered years.

Marlee began stitching as a young girl, sitting with her great Aunt Mamie as they listened to the "soaps" of the day on the radio. She learned to embroider and hand sew and it has become a passion. A member of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild, she participates in two chapters: Calico Quilters and Crazty Quilters of Maine.

Marlee has taught quilting and stitching since 1975. Her main goal as a teacher is to teach upbeat and positive classes where the students not only learn the easiest way to get the job done but also have fun doing it.

She can be found in a log cabin in New Gloucester with her husband - and a needle will always be close by.

[photo taken by Mary Hodgkin]

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