Friday, September 2, 2016

3 ways to use Facebook Live for your business - By David Pride

Not too long ago Facebook rolled out their answer to Periscope, Blab, and Meerkat - Facebook Live. This new service allows users to stream live broadcasts direct from their mobile device to their Facebook followers. 

Not many people had heard of Facebook Live until the House Democrats used it to live-stream their sit-in - this live coverage was quickly picked up by C-SPAN and broadcasted nationally.

The average Facebook user with a Business account is not broadcasting world events though, in fact, we are usually just trying to connect better with our customer and client base and what better way to do that than through the very authentic approach that live-streaming content offers?

Here are three ways you should think about using Facebook Live for your business:
Answer commonly asked questions: My company works with a fairly well known firearms company, we run all of their social media for them and are frequently messaged with various versions of the same exact questions. We have found that Facebook live is a great way to address concerns of customers, address commonly asked questions, and more important - show the heartbeat of the business. The actual workers behind the scenes. 

Keep in mind that everything you say or do is being broadcasted live on the Internet so you may want to remind your employees to be mindful of what they say and also try and have decent lighting with limited background noise.

Get behind the curtain: Speaking of the workers who make the magic happen, your online community wants to know who they are! If you’re a restaurant why not live stream your chef as he prepares a filet for a special dinner? If you are a toy store think about featuring a customer trying out a new toy or train set. Just remember, authenticity wins the battle, not gimmicks. Your video should not resemble a used car commercial with yelling and shirts one size too small for the announcer.

Specials, events, and how-to’s: You are an expert in your field but to those people watching you, it’s all new! I once worked with a chain of retail chocolate stores. I remember our first meeting and the client said to me, “We don’t know what to post!” I sat back in my chair and glanced around the store and content was everywhere. But, if you work at the factory store every day, making chocolate is not exciting. Remember, what’s old news to you is new news to your followers.

The bottom line is that all social networks want more video and live streaming offers business owners and managers a chance to have an authentic and real-time connection with their customers. All you have to do is get started! Don’t let the fear of not knowing what people will think hold you back. The time to start is now and if you’re worried about rambling on while the live video broadcasts, make some notes ahead of time. Bullet out three points you want to make and when you’re done you just might have a bunch more raving fans.

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