Friday, September 30, 2016

Home improvement - Invasion of mice - By Ron Keeler of Protect Pest Services

With the onset of the colder temperatures our little friends will begin there seasonal trek in search of a nice warm place to spend the winter. I have experienced many mouse issues this past summer and the huge acorn drop we are having should make for a heavy mouse fall and winter. Weather you think they are cute or are repulsed by them, you don’t want them in your home. There are many facets to consider in mouse control. The first is taking a look on your exterior. Begin by removing any harborage such as tall grass or plantings, items stored against the foundation and the biggest problem I always see, firewood. The next step is mouse proofing. Any hole you can fit your little finger in needs to be sealed. Take the time to go over your entire home and then start sealing. Expandable foam works well and is fast and inexpensive. Also don’t forget to check your garage door seal on the bottom and the sides as this is many times the entry point for the little creatures. These seals are easy to replace with basic tools. Many times these steps will prevent you from experiencing the invasion. 

Now is the time to practice some control methods. There are many items available for control, but the best approach is to use a variety. Glue traps, snap traps and baits used in the areas where evidence is found are a good start. Be careful if you have pets or children and always read the label of the product. 

If you continue to have problems ask a professional for help as mice can be pretty tricky to control. In closing, I will give you a few facts why they can be hard to control. Pregnancy lasts 21 days producing 5 to 8 young. The female can have up to 8 litters a year. The young reach sexual maturity in 35 days and the average life span is one year. Can you do the math? And last and best, they can carry many transmittable diseases as well as two mice in a 6 month period can leave you with 18,000 droppings and 12 ounces of urine. Good luck and happy hunting!

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