Friday, August 12, 2016

Makeover Magic for a deserving mom - By Michelle Libby

Susan Richards doesn’t get out much. Doing things for herself isn’t her style, but recently through The Windham Eagle’s Makeover Magic and some very generous business owners, she was able to take some time to be pampered. 

“Everything was absolutely wonderful. Unbelievable,” she said. 

Susan is the mom to 20-year-old Falon and 17-year-old Seth, who has severe Epilepsy. Since Seth was five, he has had to be with his parents constantly uncase of a seizure. 

“It’s been a long road. Nobody dares to take care of him because they don’t know what to do. I really haven’t had a break,” she said. Seth now has a service dog, who barks when Seth is going to have a seizure, so Susan can be in the next room. 

“I don’t remember the last time I had anything done (to my hair),” she said. “It was a real treat to get tout. Everyone was just so nice.” 

As a part of the makeover Susan had a spray tan from Envious Bronze. She’s never done anything like that and she loved it. 

“It was so much fun getting to pamper her a little bit,” said Envious Bronze owner Jessie Nickerson.
Susan went to Sebago Dental in Raymond for teeth whitening. They fit her for trays to have her teeth whitened using a gel at home. 

“They’re super wonderful,” Susan said of the staff at Sebago Dental. 

She also went to Maggies - A Fine Hair Salon to complete her new look. She saw Maggie. Susan usually wears her thick hair in a ponytail and long, but Maggie had other ideas and cut the length to the shoulders to make it look healthier. 

“We wanted to enhance her skin tones so we deposited a soft natural shade of color formulated especially for her. We wanted to bring out the color of her eyes so we strategically placed some highlights around the perimeter of her face. This technique made a huge difference! Her eyes were really, really sparkling,” Maggie said. “We then applied a glaze throughout the whole head. The glaze adds shines and also ensures that Susan will be able to enjoy the color for a longer time. We finished her look with a clean up of her existing layers and releasing some natural body. It was a pleasure to have been chosen to pamper this very special woman. She left our salon literally on cloud 9 and so were we!”

“Maggie was so wonderful. She seemed to really take her time,” Susan said. “The best thing was just being pampered.” Susan expects she will keep the new haircut because everyone likes it, she said.
Her family was so excited, including her husband Dwaine. “He really likes it. He was very happy,” she said. The children “were so happy because they know what my life is like.” Friends were happy for her and told her that she deserved to be treated special. 

“You forget in the world sometimes there are sweet people out there,” she said.

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