Friday, August 5, 2016

Rainbow Girls clean cars to support programs and causes - By Stephen Signor

There is more to be had at your local auto parts store than those items imperative to keep one on the road. It is also nice to have a clean ride. Well, those lucky enough to be in the area of 715 Roosevelt Trail in North Windham this past Saturday this was evident. In cooperation with Advance Auto Parts at this location, members of Windham Assembly No. 27 Rainbow Girls were more than willing to wash vehicles. For a reasonable donation drivers were pulling away with a smile on their face. Not so much for their clean vehicle but because they knew contributions were going to an excellent cause.
The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service. To put this in perspective A. James Ross, webmaster at the Presumpscot Lodge located at 964 River Road in Windham, explained, “A non-profit organization, Rainbow strives to give girls ages 11 to 20 the tools, training, and encouragement to let their individual spirits shine bright. By providing members with a safe, fun, caring environment where responsible, older girls can interact and mentor younger girls through family involvement. By participating in fun events and activities such as this car wash members are able keeping up with new friends, and travel to different cities and states. Through this opportunity members experience the excitement of what a productive life has to offer.” 

Photo by A. Jim Ross
From volunteering for different charities and working to improve their public speaking to mastering the lessons of Rainbow, members tackle lots of challenging hurdles but ultimately walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Whether they dream of becoming a successful veterinarian, a talented musician, or a loving mother, Rainbow Girls learn that they can accomplish anything while making a real a difference; and they do. Through fundraising Rainbow Girls have contributed to supplying clothing for Veterans, toys for the Barbara Bush  Children’s’ Hospital and mostly recently Camp Sunshine. 

Ross added a few words of praise. “Thanks Advance Auto representatives Chris Hatt and Myles Fitzgerald for the use of their store parking lot. Additional thanks go to Mara Colby for her efforts as this event. Gratitude is also due to the local community and neighborhood for continuing support for this much appreciated organization. The amount realized for this carwash was $502. As for where the funds are going, this has yet to be determined. Since fundraisers are ongoing the girls will meet in two weeks to make that decision.” Rest assured it will be well placed, he said.

Shown are Members of Windham Assembly No. 27 Rainbow Girls with
Advance Auto representatives Chris Hatt and Myles Fitzgerald (in red shirts).
Members taking a break for photo op and hamming it up!

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