Friday, August 19, 2016

Student of the week - Josh Marquis

The Windham Eagle student of the week is Josh Marquis, a soon to be high school student who attended Jordan-Small Middle School. 

“Josh is cheerful and friendly to all.  He adds creativity to class discussions and is polite and kind. Josh always treats others with kindness, and genuinely takes an interest in the activities we do in class.  He has a smile on his face more often than not, and is a positive influence on his peers. In the hallways, at lunch and in other activities here at school is always positive, helpful and engaged in we are doing. That attitude is a great asset for all of us here,” according to his selection team.

His favorite subject in school is social studies. When he grows up he would like to build houses.
“Education is important because you need it to get a good paying job,” Josh said. 

Josh is the son of Kirk and Angela and Traci Herchy is his step mom. He has a dog Olly and a cat Luno.

Favorite TV show: Last Man on Earth
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Hobbies: Drawing and X-Box

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