Friday, March 25, 2016

Art for animal lovers - By FIDO Magazine

 Art speaks to people in different ways. Some are drawn to the stunningly realistic landscapes of Fredric Church, others connect with the bold graphic work of Marsden Hartley. Many people adore the funky photography of William Wegman. People adore these great artists because of the feelings that radiate from their work. 

Gay Freeborn, an artist from Maine, studied at Moore College of Art in Pennsylvania. She works in oil, and her usual subject of choice is dogs. Gay’s work goes beyond her ability to paint a pretty picture. Gay’s paintings truly capture the spirit of the dog that they portray. From the joy of a Labrador leaping into a lake, or a border collie catching a flying disc, to the peaceful tranquility of a Pekingese fast asleep in the sunshine, Gay sees the character of the dog and has the talent to make that character shine through on the canvas. When asked why dogs inspired her so, she gave this beautiful answer. 

“There is a connection I have with dogs that is more than with other animals. Dogs are so sensitive and can pick up on what we humans think and feel. They are not given enough credit for all they know and for what they can learn, and mostly they teach us things about life that we humans have lost along the way,” she said.

If you are a dog lover looking for that perfect piece of art to add to your home decor, you’re encouraged to consider Gay’s work. You can visit her website at to find a list of her most current gallery exhibits or if you are in the Lakes Region and would like to see her original works in person, Gay regularly hangs paintings at Bridgton Veterinary Hospital.

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