Friday, March 25, 2016

Holding emotions in the body - By Sara Moore

As a psychic and hypnotist, I am often people’s last resort when all other medical options and traditional therapy has failed to diagnose or effectively treat pain. Because I have zero training in either area, my approach is very different. I use my psychic abilities to ask what the underlying emotional reason for the pain is, if there was an age or experience that started it and what healing looks like. I find that we tend to disconnect from our bodies, which is unfortunate because they are actually able to tell us so much about ourselves! Our physical self holds the map of our emotional experiences. I’m going to give you some examples to try to explain what I’m talking about.
Have you ever had a pain in your neck? Think back to what was going on in your life around the time it showed up. Who was around you the most or was a focus of your attention? Who was a pain in your neck? Maybe those people are still around you. I helped a friend with this and it was very clearly her mother. If this resonates with you here’s something you can try to release the physical pain. 

Acknowledge that person in your mind, tell them it’s time for them to go or to at least unplug from them enough that you’re not going to physically suffer because of them. You don’t have to cut them out of your life altogether (although you may chose to do so) but with awareness of how that pain in the neck may actually have an underlying emotional component you can work to heal your body and spirit. the time I realized just how psychic I was I worked as an aide at a physical therapy center. My job was to get people warmed up and guide them through basic exercises before they met with their physical therapist. I always loved this part of my job because I got to talk with people and get a glimpse into what was going on in their personal lives. What I realized is that a lot of people with hip or mobility issues had some major area in their life that was making them feel stuck. Some hated their job but didn’t see any other viable options. Others were in a relationship that on some level felt stagnant or was preventing them from realizing their full potential. A common theme was that they feared the change that would allow them to move on. They weren’t moving forward emotionally or physically and the body was suffering because of it.

The pain and medical part of the equation is very real and I am not discounting that at all. It was challenging for me as a psychic because I wanted to blurt out to them the insights that would pop into my head! It wasn’t the right time or place, so I bit my tongue and now a handful of those clients are now coming to me out of options and still dealing with the same or worse pain. So how do I help them? I close my eyes and ask to see the situation in their life that triggered the underlying emotional response that planted the seed of pain in the body. Then I usually hear a number in my head, telling me how old they were at that time. Next I ask what it looks like to heal and release the pain. Sometimes this feels like colors washing over or through them. I may “see” the healing happening. Most recently I saw the pain in a client being broken up like the insides of an icepack, then bubbling out of their body like effervescent bubbles in seltzer. It floated up and out, then evaporated into a brilliant yellow light.

Sounds a little crazy, right? I agree. But most of those people leave my office feeling better than when they walked in and there’s no way to explain it. I can’t even really tell you how it works, but it does! The cool part is you don’t really need me. I can certainly use my experience to guide you through the process, but if you’re having any pain try having a little chat with it. Ask it what it’s here to teach you. And then ask what it looks or feels like to let it go. And then send it on its way. Know how you want to feel instead, and replace the pain with the happy emotions and strong, healthy body you’re worthy of living in.
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