Friday, March 11, 2016

Student of the week - Tedi Hassapelis

Tedi Hassapelis is The Windham Eagle student of the week. Tedi is 13-years-old and attends Windham Middle School in Andrea Levinsky and Ryan Rumsey’s seventh grade classes. 

Tedi lives with Andrea Casparius, Verne Mapes and Rudi Hassapelis for the majority of the time. They have many pets like chickens, ducks, blue and yellow macaw, dogs, cats, a rabbit, lizard, horse and a donkey. 

“I love to draw, swim, watch anime, read manga and novels, cosplay, play outside/mimic animals, make papercrafts, play flute/piano, sing, learn different languages (Japanese and Russian) and just be strange,” Tedi said. 

“Tedi is student of the week because of how hard Tedi works and how much Tedi cares about and helps others. Tedi takes schoolwork very seriously and is an especially talented writer!” said the teachers. 

To Tedi, the most important things are “Making sure the people I care about are happy. It troubles me when they're not happy or if they're upset, if I can I want to help.” 

Learning is fun because “I like pleasing my teachers and seeing good grades/testing out what I know and memorize,” Tedi said. Tedi likes science or social studies a little more than other subjects.
Tedi would like to be a voice actor or an artist/musician.

Favorite movie: I don't watch movies often, generally Anime and a few other series. My favorite movie is either Legend of Tarzan, Avatar or Mulan.

Favorite music group: I can't choose favorites but it would have to be either Kamijo, SiD, Versailles, Vixx or Jupiter.

Favorite holiday: Halloween. I'm not really into the whole candy thing, it's more the dressing up part.

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