Friday, March 18, 2016

Raymond Friendship Group helps neighbors near and far - By Michelle Libby

The Raymond Friendship Group has been meeting for over 40 years and in that time members have come and gone, but their mission of friendship and help to others remains strong. Last week, some of the 20  members delivered 29 clothing protectors to residents at Casco Inn Residential Care Facility. 
Raymond Friendship Group members at Casco Inn. L to R Anne Harriman, Charlotte Rowe, Adma Willis, Sarah Allen, Barbara Brown and sitting Fran Mains.

“We started doing this when one of our members moved up there two years ago,” said member Sarah Allen. “They all vie for the coolest protector. They were so thrilled to have them.” 

Judy MacDonald
This was the second delivery of clothing protectors the group made. They used donated material and shopped for bright, colorful fabrics. Chickens were popular as were various patterns. 

“The clothing protectors help preserve adult’s dignity, promote social interaction, neat eaters want to reuse their favorite clothing protector,” said member Charlotte Rowe. The protectors take about half an hour to make with the ironing, according to Allen. 

“The ladies are dressed to the nines every single day. The clothing protectors insure they will keep looking fresh all day long,” said Sharon Hadley, who works at the facility. “We’re so grateful. It’s a blessing to have a group like this come in to help us.” 

Other projects the friendship group is involved with are making health kits for those in flood zones or tornado alley. The kits contain a towel, soap, wash cloth, comb, nail clipper, Band-Aids. They are shipped to those in need by Church World Services. 
They also make school kits with supplies for children in need all over the country containing scissors, spiral bound notebooks, eraser, ruler, crayons, pencils and a pencil sharpener all put in a bag that was handmade by the Raymond Friendship Group. The children of the Raymond Village Church, where the group meets, pack the bags before the 30 or 40 bags are shipped out. They will be sent in May.
“The people in this church are very generous,” said Rev. Nancy Foran.  

The group is looking to go to the Dominican Republic in 2017 as part of a multi-church trip. They will be starting fundraisers like craft fairs and the church yard sale to raise money.

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