Friday, March 11, 2016

Third graders travel to Augusta to sing for the Governor - By Michelle Libby

Last week, Windham Primary School music teacher Nancy Cash-Cobb and 54 third graders travelled to Augusta to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the opening session of the legislature. 
“We went to meet the governor and he spent quite a lot of time with us. He asked each kid to tell him their names,” said Cash-Cobb. He also gave them State of Maine pins and answered questions about his job. 

After singing, half of the student went for tour of the capital and the other half did workshops on wool carding and leaf rubbing at the Maine State Museum. 
“They were awesome. It was just beautiful,” she said of the performance. “They made my eyes tear up.” third grade chorus is asked to sing at the legislature every year, but only do it once every few years, Cash-Cobb said.

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